Media transfers

If you're planning to save some space in your room or your old tapes are getting damaged, you should consider to transfer your tapes to a DVD, CD or Hard Drive if you don't want to lose your memories. 

At Rome Computers we can help you preserving your home movies, audio and video recordings, pictures and slides by transferring the content onto an easy to view format such DVDs.

We can also enhance the picture or sound quality of your original media.


U-Matic is a format developed by Sony and was introduced in 1971. Many television facilities over the world still have a U-matic archive of material recorded in the 1980s.

VHS is the short for Video Home System; it was widely spread in the late 80s and 90s.
This standard was developed by the JVC and was made available in 1976. The cassette tapes have been used mainly to record content from the tv.

VHS C is the compact version of the VHS cassette tape, and it was used mainly for camcorders for personal home video. 

A Vinyl record is a disc made of polyvinyl chloride with an inscribed, modulated spiral groove. We transfer your old 78/45/33/16 rpm records to a digital media using professional sound equipment. If required, we can also improve the quality of the recording using special software packages. 

Audio Cassettes, Musicassettes, or simply "Tapes" were invented in 1962 and have been the most popular medium used to record music in the 1970s and the 1980s. 
We can transfer your old tapes to a digital media using our professional sound equipment, and if required we cal also reduce the "hiss" sound, typical of this media.

MiniDisc was introduced by Sony in 1992 and was meant to be a replacement of the audio cassette. Due to its costs and to the competition with MP3 players, the MiniDisc media has quickly reached an end on 2013, when Sony announced that they were not going to ship these products anymore. 

If you have any MiniDiscs and would like to transfer the content to a different media do not hesitate to ask.