At Rome Computers we charge per job.

This means that no matter how long it takes to get your problem solved, the price is still the same! 
When you're paying by the hour, sometimes an hour is not enough to sort a computer out. If the technician runs ito difficulties, he will be stressed to get the job done by the hour so that you don't have to pay any extras... but this could lead to the technician making mistakes!
This means that we are very motivated! We want to get our job done as quickly as possible so we can get to our next appointment. 

Also, in pay-per-hour plans you can have problems with the final bill. For example, if the technician estimates that the job is done in an hour, and for some reason it takes 4 hours, he will be forced to bill you for all 4. Isn't that unfair?

If we can't fix it, we won't charge you.

Why paying for something that cannot be done?
When the technician finds out that something cannot be fixed after a couple of hours, we don't charge you for the job. In a pay-by-hour plan you would have to waste your money for something that cannot be done!
*We might charge a little fee when troubleshooting or hardware tests are required.